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2013 Get Your Bearings 4 Hour Sprint

Infiterra Sports partnered with the Green's (Cooper and Michelle) to bring you the Get Your Bearings Adventure Race held on Saturday, May 4, 2013 in Brighton, Michigan.

Results are Official. Please email Cooper with questions.

» Results - Results in PDF form. These do include splits.

» Results - This is an Excel Sheet with splits as well.

» Map #1 - (Overall Map) 8.5x11 - 3.4mb

» Bike Map - (Bike Map) 8.5x11 - 192kb

» SMOC O-Course Maps Not Available

» Race Instructions - 8.5x11 - 110kb

» Race Pictures click the link

Questions? Ccontact Cooper Green or Michelle Green with any questions about the 2013 Get Your Bearings AR.

Please your comments about the race on the Get Your Bearings page on Facebook.


Event Recap - It was a great day to be out at the Adventure Race!  The sun was shining and the temperatures were great for racers and volunteers.  In the joy of the moment, the race directors forgot to review safety information in the pre-race briefing, but got it covered in the few minutes everyone was gathered for the start.  Out of 120 racers, 74 were lining up for their first-ever Adventure Race!
Teams sprinted downhill from the start for the first section of the race in which they got to choose between canoeing or orienteering first.  There were 3 checkpoints (CP’s) on the water and 3 CP’s on foot – which could be obtained in any order.  Many teams got wet based on their route choice for the foot CP’s, while others took a longer, drier path.  All teams kept dry on the paddle…except for Patty McTigue and Christie Butrico (Team Julie is Getting Hitched) who confirmed that swimming an upside down canoe was not faster than riding in it the traditional way.  Team Fuster Cluck was the first team to check in at CP7.
Teams then transitioned to bike for the second section of the race.  They headed out on road to a pine forest nursery to find a CP in the middle of feature-less terrain.  From there they had a few miles of dirt road riding before checking in at the start of a mountain bike trail.  A quick gear check was required before hitting the trail.  Teams were given a trail map and had the option to ‘bike-whack’ instead of riding the trail through.  Team Trogdor attempted to avoid trail riding by riding roads to places they could jump in and out of the woods to tag the CP’s.  Their plan seemed to be working after 2 of the 3 trail points when they had moved from somewhere in the lead group to first, however, the 3rd point proved to be much faster from trail so they finished the section a solid 12 minutes back.
The third and final section of the race consisted of 10 orienteering checkpoints using a detailed orienteering map.  For the competitive teams that aimed to get them all, a surprise awaited at the furthest point on top of a large hill – which was a race official there to confirm all teammates were still together!  Each team member had to make it to the top of the hill to initial a check-in sheet before punching their race passport.  Other CP’s were located at a variety of locations, including a scenic lakeside overlook, more open forest hilltops, trail junctions, and interesting orienteering features like re-entrants and depressions. 
The 2-person male Team I Just Want a Shirt blazed through the O-course to finish as the overall winners in 2 hours 40 minutes.  In an exciting 2nd place overall finish was the all female Team Live Your True North finishing the race with a time of 2:45.  Third overall went to the 2-person co-ed Team What the French Toast.
In the 4-person co-ed division, the winning team was Flying Dutch and the Spartan Trio with an overall time of 3:15.  The second place team, Stoney Creek Bike, was close behind at 3:21.  And taking third in the division with a time of 3:27 was Team Dry Feet At All Costs!!!
One of the most exciting results of the race was the fact that every team finished the race in time and with an official ranking!  To earn an official ranking, teams needed to obtain all CP’s in the first two sections of the race and at least 4 in the final section.  Over half of the teams completed the entire course.  Congratulations to everyone who raced, and in particular all the first-time racers who pushed through to the end for a great finish! 

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