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2013 Infiterra Sports 24hr Adventure Rage

Infiterra Sports was excited to bring you the 12th Adventure Rage Race on May 17-19, 2013 in Oscoda, Michigan.
We were proud to be a part of the North American Adventure Race Series this year too. Check them out!

North American Adventure Racing Series

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Event Recap - The Rage moved over to the east coast this year to be hosted out of Oscoda.  But the first thing that the racers found out is that they were racing a point to point race that actually started 30 miles (as a crow flies) to the west. 

By 5am Saturday morning, teams made their way from Oscoda out to the Maltby Hills just past South Branch for the race start.  This 7 mile trekking section had some incredible topography and beautiful hardwood forests for the 6 CPs.  And with the 5am start time, the first hour plus was under cover of darkness, a big challenge right off the get go, making this arguably the toughest section of the race.  But even being 5 minutes late for the start didn’t slow up DART/nuun.  They emerged at CP1 with a 15 minute lead.  Michigan Racing Addicts were just back in second with Blue Bayou and AGS roughly a half hour back.  The Maltby’s would also claim the only team to drop out of the race.   

At CP1 teams picked up their bikes and headed south through Lupton down to Rifle River State Park.  This was just a short 5 miles bike segment to them down to Rifle River.  At the Park, teams would bike over 12 miles of single track and two tracks.  At the end of this bike, teams transitioned at TA1 and prepared for the paddling section. The standings held relatively stable through this biking section though AGS did pass Blue Bayou.   

The paddling section actually started about 6 miles to the east on Au Sable Lake.  So teams had a short big leg to get them to the paddle start. They paddled through Au Sable Lake and through a chain of lakes connected by the South Branch River.  This little known paddling route caught most teams by surprise, but it would also prove to be one of the highlights of the race.  It was certainly not be a straight hammer-fest paddle as there was some navigation through the lakes involved.  As they moved through the lakes, the river narrowed and racers will encounter a number of down trees and beaver dams that forced teams to get out of their boats and portage several times.  After 6-7 miles, the first segment of the paddling section ended since the next section of the river was full of blowdowns and lots of private property.  Inseam teams had a fast 4-5 mile trek/run to get to the next paddling section, just a couple miles down stream.  Team put back in past Rollways Rd where the river is more paddleable.  They would still portage several times through the last two miles of the South Branch, but it wasn’t long before teams hit the main branch of the Au Sable River and paddled across Loud Dam Pond and Five Channels Dam Pond on the final 10 miles of the paddling section.  At Five Channels, teams met up with their support crew again, this time TA2.  This was still early afternoon for the lead teams.  DART continued their attack on the course and the rest of the field now leading by over an hour.  AGS and MRA were about neck and neck coming off the water and getting out of the TA.  Blue Bayou forgot one section from one of their paddles and lost some time on the water as a result, but held onto fourth.  These teams would all get into the next segment of the course with a good amount of daylight left, something that would definitely play into the race. 

Leaving Five Channels, teams took off on foot for a trekking section on the north shore of Cooke Dam Pond.  For the majority of this section, teams were not really on the shoreline.  They were traveling through woods, swamps and numerous reentrants.  It was a tough section, but it was crucial to the success of the race.  Those lead teams hit most of this section in the daylight with MRA edging AGS by a few minutes, both teams emerging basically at sunset.  Blue Bayou finished off this section in the dark just after midnight.  All in all, this section was almost 10 miles. 

Following the Cooke Dam Trek, teams got on their bikes and headed north.  They had to navigate several small creek crossings and some northern Michigan two tracks heading toward Pine River Campground.  After a slow moving 10 miles, they reached Pine River for a small five mile trekking section.  This was the only section of the race that was a Score-O style.  Up until this point, all points were mandatory and in order.  There were five points in this section, with all of them optional, but whoever obtains the most will win.  Dart was still leading a blistering pace and got through this section right at dusk.  MRA and AGS headed into this section right at dark, just before DART was coming off.  All three of these teams would get all CPs.  Blue Bayou was holding fourth and only had enough time to get three points.  Rage Against the Cutoff got two and Scott Squared, Active Racing and River Rats each grabbed one point.  All other teams did not have enough time to go after these points.    

After the Pine River O-Course, teams got back in the saddle and began the final leg of the race.  This was a 25 mile section with more northern Michigan two track navigation.  The final two points on this leg were optional as well and provided additional challenge for the lead teams. There was some challenging hike-a-bike sections going after these points, but only the top three teams were able to get to these points.  After these points, teams raced into the finish at Warrior Pavilion on the shores of Van Etten Lake, right off of the Wurtsmith Air Force Base in Oscoda.     

Dart nuun ran an incredible race and aside from being a couple minutes late to the start, they led wire to wire and continued to increase their lead at nearly every checkpoint.  They completed the course at just after midnight (12:33am). Michigan Racing Addicts put together an impressive race with strong navigation as well for a second place finish at 4:38am.  They won a tight dual with the brother/sister team AGS who took third less than a half hour later finishing at 5:05am. These top three teams obtained all optional CPs.  Blue Bayou ran a very solid race to pull off a fourth place finish at 6:40am, getting 3 of the optional points.  The brothers of Rage Against the Cutoff squeaked in 15 minutes before the cutoff at 7:45am, but getting 2 of the optional points earned them a very respectable 5th place finish. 

Congrats to all teams who came out to challenge themselves at the 2013 Adventure Rage.  It was another tough and exciting race filled with highlights from the challenging start in the dark terrain of the Maltby Hills, to the fun single track at Rifle River, the unique paddle sections and working through the night on the trekking and biking sections to get to the finish.   We would like to thank our dedicated volunteers and helpers, most of whom are of some relation!  Thanks to the DNR and National Forest for their cooperation and help with the race.  And a big thanks to the North American Adventure Race Series and the series sponsors for their support of the 2013 Adventure Rage.

North American Adventure Racing Series

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