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2011 Infiterra Sports December Chill Sprint

nfiterra Sports was proud to bring you the 10th annual December Chill Sprint Adventure Race held Saturday December 3rd, 2011 at Proud Lake Rec Area in Milford, Michigan.

Results are Official. If you have questions please email Zac.

» Results Basic Results in PDF form.

» Results This is an Excel Sheet, including a basic results and tab with split times and ranks.

» Map #1 - (Overall Map) 8.5x11 - 5.4mb

» Map #2 - (O-Course Map) 8.5x11 - 1.4mb

» Map #3 - (Bike Map) 8.5x11 - 198kb

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Event Recap - The December Chill once again brought the AR season to a close this year in Michigan.  This was the tenth annual running of the Chill, however, it was as atypical as ever.  This year’s race was quite simple in its format with a central TA (heated no less!), no gear drops and going through each discipline just once.  It was also one of the warmer Chills on record, starting just below freezing and getting up near 40 by midday.    

Following the race briefing, teams gathered their maps and gear, hopped on their bikes and biked ½ mile down the road to Heavner Canoe Livery in order to get all teams across Wixom Rd before the start of the race.  At 9am teams took off on the official start heading into the trails off of Garden Rd.  The first 9 points were placed around these trails.  Teams had the option to bike to them on the trails, bushwhack to them with or without their bikes or leave their bikes and go after them on foot, and they could get them in any order.  Only three of these points were mandatory, but teams competing for the victory knew they would need all of the points. 
CP10 marked the end of this section and from there it was a couple more miles on dirt and paved roads into Milford.  There teams would hit the Milford Mountain Bike Trails for 6 more CPs.  The same rules applied to these points, except all 6 were optional.  After the Milford Trails, teams biked via roads back the River Hawk Center, CP21, where they would transition into the boats.   Teams that hit all the bike points likely traveled about 15 miles.

Moving to their boats, teams put in on the Huron River.  The water was very high for the race with recent rain and melting snow.  This played into the challenge of the paddling section because teams began paddling down river for two mandatory CPs, totaling about 2.5 miles.  At that point, CP23, they could turn around and paddle back upstream to take out, or they could continue downstream for CP24 & CP25.  They were just another half mile downstream, but that also meant another half mile paddle back upstream.  The lead teams knew they needed all the points, but it was the middle of the pack teams that had to really think about this decision.  Total paddling mileage would reach about 6 miles for those that went for all the points, or 5 miles for those that skipped the two optional points. 

Returning to the River Hawk Center at CP26, teams picked up their 1:12,000 O-Course Maps and found 16 more CPs left in the race.  Just four of these points were mandatory to remain a ranked team, but most teams had enough time to gather significantly more points.  For those that got them all, they would cover upwards of 6-7 miles. 

Despite that, with mild weather conditions teams certainly smoked the course.  Team Jeep pulled it out in the end beating Checkpoint Zero in a sprint to the finish.  Both teams finished with all 42 CPs and finished at 1:23pm.  Jeep edged out CP0 for the Overall win and they also took the 2 Male division.  Checkpoint Zero was second overall and first in the 2 Coed division.  Must Be Nuts (1st Solo) and Lab Rats (2nd 2 Male) finished tied for third overall ten minutes back at 1:33pm.  Homebodies were fifth overall (2nd 2 Coed) in at 1:37pm.  Team Active Racing was 6th overall and 3rd Coed at 1:48pm.  Must Love Dogs was 7th overall (4th 2 Coed) just seconds back.  Standard Specimen, No Principal Left Behind and The Scott’s rounded out the top ten at 8th & 9th & 10th (3rd, 4th, 5th in the 2 Male division) at 1:49pm, 2:06pm & 2:10pm.  These teams all obtained the maximum 42 CPs. Dude where’s my Bike (42 CPs 2:25pm) was 2nd and The Guy with the Pink Kayak (41 CPs 2:26pm) was 3rd in the Solo Male division. Bring It (40 CPs 3:02pm), Myostatin Minimalist (36CPs 3:05pm) and Liveyourtruenorth/Pathfinder (30CPs 3:39pm) were top three in the Solo Female division.  2011: A New Race Oddity (X2) (35CPs 3:36pm), Chill Out (35CPs 3:42pm) and We’re Not Great Repeating (33CPs 3:18pm) were the top three in the 2 Female division. 

Congratulations to all the racers that came out to the 2011 December Chill Race.  It was a bit of a throw back, and luxury, to have a nice central TA that was visited several times throughout the race.  We even had a nice heated building in the River Hawk Conference Center to use as the race headquarters.  That was a comfort enjoyed by racers and race staff alike.  A big thank you goes out to all of our Sponsors as many racers walked away with great prizing!  Thanks to REI, Kahtoola,, Hammer Nutrition, 5 Hour Energy, Seal Skinz and Zanfel for their support.  We also had fantastic group of super dedicated volunteers that helped this race through from beginning to end and they deserve a special thanks as well.  We also appreciate great cooperation from Proud Lake Rec Area who was great to work with as always. 

Contact Zac Chisholm with any questions about the 2011 December Chill.

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